Missionaries and Supplies


MFI carries affiliated mission personnel to and from the countries of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.  This would include affiliated missionary families, medical teams, and work teams that need to be transported directly to some remote airstrips.  Our aircraft also allow affiliated mission personnel to accompany their belongings, which eases its clearance through customs once it arrives.  Some of these belongings could be pets, building materials, furniture or tools.

Mission supplies and letters are received daily at the MFI hangar, and are organized according to mission and destination.  Our flights expedite affiliated mission items to the field shortly after they are received.  MFI provides the special handling and care that vital supplies and equipment require to insure safe arrival on the field.

If you are sending letters or packages to Missionary Flights or to one of our affiliated missionaries, please use the physical address below.  Letters and packages sent to MFI for non-affiliated individuals will be returned to the sender.  Due to high duty, please confirm with the receiving mission before sending supplies through MFI.  Please be sure to include the recipient's name, Unit #, and Mission ID.  If you have any questions about unit #'s or ID's, please email or call us at (772) 462-2395.


"Affiliated Missionary's Name"
3170 Airmans Dr # (The MFI assigned unit/box # and mission ID)
Fort Pierce, FL 34946