Major Earthquake Hits Haiti - Please Pray!

Today a major earthquake hit Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince.  Early reports say that there is widespread devastation in and around Port-au-Prince and other parts of Haiti.  Please pray for the people of Haiti and the many missionaries that are serving there.  MFI and Samaritan's Purse will be partnering to fly disaster relief supplies beginning on Wednesday.  Continue to check the MFI website for further updates.

Please read this field report from Cindy McMartin and Phyllis Schmid at Bolosse in Port-au-Prince:

"This is Cindy and Phyllis writing to let you know that we are all safe here at Bolosse.  We were hit hard, though.  The Bible School building collapsed all over the attic and the office floors.  Students were in classes.  Bruce, David and a bunch of students are still working trying to get the last two students out; haven’t heard noises from them recently so we’re not sure they’re alive.  We don’t have the equipment for this.  We’ve heard horrible rumors of the damage around the city.  Students are all up here sitting around on the lawns, will probably sleep here tonight all of us outside.  I’m typing this without my glasses so can’t see to find periods and hyphens, etc.  Just wanted to let someone know out there that we’re alive so that if you get calls you can respond.  We’ll try to email family now, too.  Telephones are out of course, we've turned off water, gas, electric, etc.  It was a terrifying experience and I know there are many dead outside and around.

All for now.  Cindy for the bunch of us here.   We haven’t been able to have contact with anyone else so we can’t report on others."

Please consider if you would like to support MFI in this emergency relief effort.  Go to our Online Donation page, and donate under "Disaster Relief Fund".  Click here if you would like to donate items, and for dropoff locations and a list of needed items. Thank you for helping us and the people of Haiti in this desperate time of need.