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We will be accepting relief supplies Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm.

Hurricane Matthew Storm Clouds Update

(click "Needed Items" for a PDF)

Needed Items

List of Drop-off Sites

Non-Perishable Food items

(NO Water and NO Glass Containers)

-  Protein Bars

-  Canned Meat

-Dry Pasta


-Peanut Butter (no glass containers)

-Dry Rice/Beans

-Trail Mixes

-Dry Cereal/Granola

Paper Products

-Paper Plates and Plastic Eating Utensils

-Paper Cups

-Napkins/Paper Towels

-Toilet Paper

Baby Supplies



-Formula / Baby food

Cleaning Supplies

(NO Bleach or Aerosols)

-Mops / Brooms



-Non-hazardous Cleaning Agents

Hygiene  Supplies

-Toothpaste / Toothbrushes



-Sanitary Napkins


Medical Supplies

- Bandages / Band-aid



Misc. Items


-Chain Saws / Hand Tree Saws

-Flash Lights

-Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D Cell only)


-Work Gloves


Affiliated Missions - STI

316DR Three Sixteen Missions

365DR Transform 365

AIRDR Missionary Aeroplanes Santiago

AMLDR Rooftop Missions

BBFDR Baptist Bible Fellowship, Inc.

CMADR Caribbean Mountain Academy

CWDR Crossworld Ministries

DCJDR Del Corazon de Jesucristo

DDSDR Doulos Discovery School

GFDR Global Faith Mission

GLCDR Gospel Light Baptist Church

IBFDR Independent Baptist Fellowship

INTDR Score International

J6DR J6DR Hope Foundation

KACDR Kingdom Air Corp DR

KAIDR Kids Alive International

LBMDR Landmark Baptist Church

LCADR Lifewater Canada

LEIDR Leider/Literacy Evangelism International

LSADR Land Sea Air Ministries

MADR Christian and Missionary Alliance

MIDR Manna Relief Foundation

MSCDR Missionary Service Committee

MVT Missionary Ventures International

MVTDR Missionary Ventures International

NLBDR New Life Baptist Church

NVBDR New Vision Baptist Church

OMSDR One Mission Society

SANDR Sanibel Community Church

SCSDR Santiago Christian School

TLWDR Touching Lives Worldwide

TMTDR Covenant Reformed Baptist Church

UWMDR United World Mission

WTDR World Team

WVCDR Wills Valley Community Church

YLDR Young Life, Santiago

YWMDR Youth With A Mission



11.11.2016 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm