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The Lives We've Touched

Each year, MFI carries about 350 tons of cargo and 3,000 Christian workers to Haiti, the DR, Bahamas, and elsewhere in the Caribbean. But we carry much more than boxes and people.We are not UPS or American Airlines. Inside each box, and within every heart, are gifts of life and love, health and hope, comfort and encouragement for God's frontline workers.

A generous donation to the new turbine DC-3 fund will help MFI serve more missions in more locations in the Caribbean.

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Help us buy a new turbine DC-3.

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Registration for the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack Event at MFI will open December 1. Please consider donating to the event to help cover the costs of the packaged meals.

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01.14.2017 9:00 am - 4:00 pm