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We will be accepting relief supplies Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm.

Hurricane Matthew Storm Clouds Update

(click "Needed Items" for a PDF)

Needed Items

List of Drop-off Sites

Non-Perishable Food items

(NO Water and NO Glass Containers)

-  Protein Bars

-  Canned Meat

-Dry Pasta


-Peanut Butter (no glass containers)

-Dry Rice/Beans

-Trail Mixes

-Dry Cereal/Granola

Paper Products

-Paper Plates and Plastic Eating Utensils

-Paper Cups

-Napkins/Paper Towels

-Toilet Paper

Baby Supplies



-Formula / Baby food

Cleaning Supplies

(NO Bleach or Aerosols)

-Mops / Brooms



-Non-hazardous Cleaning Agents

Hygiene  Supplies

-Toothpaste / Toothbrushes



-Sanitary Napkins


Medical Supplies

- Bandages / Band-aid



Misc. Items


-Chain Saws / Hand Tree Saws

-Flash Lights

-Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D Cell only)


-Work Gloves


Experience the Lord's faithfulness over the first 50 years of MFI's existence.

  • Read about the development of Missionary Flights International from the dreams of a young boy watching DC-3s flying overhead to the fulfillment of that dream of having and flying DC-3s in missionary service.
  • The airplanes that MFI has operated over the years show the slow develpment from the single engine, four passenger airplane to the twin turbine powered DC-3s capable of carrying up to 32 passengers.
  • All organizations are made up of people - learn about individuals that have contributed to MFI's ministry over the years.
  • Stories
    • Read about a premature baby so small that it had a shoebox for a crib.
    • Memories of the early days from both family members and co-workers.
    • Learn about the interesting items carried aboard MFI aircraft, including animals, vehicles, and other items.
    • Rejoice in hearing how the Lord leads and supplied the new facility in Ft. Pierce.



11.11.2016 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm