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About MFI

Missionary Flights International is not an airline.  We do, however, strive to offer affiliated missions the kind of efficient service and professionalism expected of an airline operation.  The Lord has led us to "Stand in the Gap" in meeting the air support needs of affiliated Biblical missions in the island fields of the West Indies, particularly Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.


All of our pilots are also certified mechanics.  While 2 or 4 pilots are flying, the others, along with the dedicated mechanics, maintain the planes at the airport.


Packages and letters destined for more than 700 missionary families in over 300 affiliated missions takes time to sort.  Many volunteers pitch in to help with this task.  Supplies in small boxes to very large items are checked in daily in the MFI warehouse.


Behind the scenes, it takes a great deal of office support to keep MFI functioning.  Coordinating schedules of the affiliated missionaries traveling with MFI is a "full-time" job.


After all of the affiliated missionaries and their guests are welcomed aboard, MFI takes to the air.  Our turbine DC-3 leads the way in helping us serve the mission field.


Unloading the mission-bound supplies is a big job, especially with temperatures often in the 90's when we arrive.  Letters and packages from home are a precious commodity for our affiliated missionaries in the field.


It's the co-pilot's job to verify the fuel tank levels before heading on the long journey back to Fort Pierce.  The many returning affiliated missionaries then board the flight for home.


Our flight crew rolls the plane back into the hangar at the end of a long journey.  Welcome home!