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Meet the Staff

Anders Family

Ryan and Joy Anders joined MFi in April of 2012, Ryan serves as a DC-3 pilot/mechanic. Joy is a stay at home mom and teacher to their four children - Caden, Alayna, Analee, and Carson.

Karabensh Family

Joe and Wendy have been with MFI since 1996. Joe is a DC-3 Captain and the MFI President.

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Campbell Family

Larry and Sarah Campbell have been with MFI since 1974. Larry serves as the Vice President of Operations while Sarah works as a nurse. They have two children, Jason and Karen, and two grandsons.


Karnes Family

Phil and Charity joined MFI in early 2007. Phil serves with MFI as a DC-3 pilot and mechanic. Charity is a homeschool teacher to their two children, Steven and Tiki.


Colson Family

Al and Rose joined MFI in April of 2006. Al is the purchasing agent as well as the IT manager. Rose works in accounting in the MFI office. They have two children, Nick and Julie, and two grandchildren.


Killian Family

Brent and Mary Lee are both from Tennessee and have been a part of the MFI family since 1991. Brent is a DC-3 Captain, mechanic, and loadmaster. They have three sons and two daughters-in-law.


Comis Family

Dan and Heather joined MFI in August of 2015. Dan is the Facilities Manager. Dan and Heather will share the responsibilities of Volunteer Coordinator.


Lites Family

Brian and Terah joined MFI in October of 2007. They are originally from Northern California. Brian serves as a Maintenance Specialist and the MFI Assistant Chief of Maintenance. They have three children - Evan, Luke, and Sierra.


Curtis Family

Stan and Gloria Curtis live in Indiana where Stan coordinates work teams to Haiti. Stan also heads up the MFI Bible Project in conjunction with Seedline International. He also organizes an annual Christmas Bags for Haiti project.


Long Family

John and Trina Long began volunteering at MFI in late 2009 - just before the Haiti earthquake in January of 2010. After seeing the great need for volunteers, they began working more regularly at MFI. Currently, Trina is the MFI office manager and John is one of MFI's board members.

Fersing Family

 Nancy is the MFI receptionist and bookkeeper for the affiliated missions accounts. She has one son, Mateo.

Norton Family

Wes and Leah grew up in the Titusville, FL. They first served with AIM Air in Kenya, Africa and then joined MFI in 2004. Wes is a DC-3 Captain. He is also a loadmaster and manages the warehouse. Leah serves as a homeschool teacher to their three boys - Jordan, Ethan, and Sawyer.


Fisher Family

Ben is from Kansas and Caroline is from Missouri. They joined MFI in July of 2014. Ben is DC-3 pilot/mechanic. Caroline is a certificed middle school teacher but now stays at home with their three children - Jonas, Lucy, and Miles.

Oostdyk Family

Ray and Tammy met at Moody Bible Institute. They joined the MFI staff in July of 2003. Ray works as a DC-3 Captain and mechanic. He is also the Assistant to the Chief Pilot. Tammy teaches music and stays home to teach their four children - Micah, Matthew, Josiah, and Julia.


Gumpel Family

Kenny and April Gumpel are from Southern California and have been with MFI since 1998. Kenny is a DC-3 captain and mechanic. His mechanic specialties include tires and brakes as well as painting. They have four children - Eli, Cali, Grace, and Ethan.

Ramsey Family

Bob and Barb Ramsey have been serving with MFI since 2007. Barb works in the warehouse receving and checking in cargo. Bob is an auto mechanic and works on missionary and staff vehicles. Both of them meet all of MFI's flights at customs.

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Hallquist Family

Ric and Beth are both from South Florida and have been serving with MFI since 1982. Ric is a DC-3 Captain and mechanic. He also serves as MFI's Chief Pilot. They have two daughters, Kathryn and Leslie, and one son-in-law, Al.


Shain Family

Bob and Kathy joined MFI in February of 2013. Bob retired from the City of Vero Beach electric department and now serves next to Harold Martin in logistics. Kathy co-owns and manages a flower shop in Vero Beach, They have one son, Charlie, who works for Habitat for Humanity.



Heath Family

Jake and Cayton will soon be joining MFI with Jake serving as a maintenance specialist. Jake has completed his maintenance training at MMS and will join MFI full-time mid-2015. Cayton works as a free-lance photographer for weddings and portraits. They have one son, Brandon.


Snook Family

Dick and Linda joined MFI in 1986 from their home in Iowa. Dick succeeded Don Beldin as President of MFI in 1993 and retired as President at the end of 2015. He now serves as President Emeritus. They have four grown children and 11 grandchildren.

Hengst Family

Ian and Staci Hengst joined the MFI staff in July of 1990. Ian served as a DC-3 pilot and mechanic for 12 years before moving to Ohio to serve with MMS Aviation for 9 years. They came back to MFI in 2011 where Ian now serves as the Director of Maintenance and Staci manages reservations in the MFI office. They have three kids - Abigail, Jethro, and Lydia.


Stratton Family

In 2010, Kevin and Faydra Stratton joined MFI. Kevin is a DC-3 pilot. He helps to create and edit all of MFI's media and publications. Kevin also manages and maintains internal software for the company. Faydra is a free-lance writer while staying at home to care for their three boys, Kaden, Blue, and Toby.


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