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Like many non-profit ministries, Missionary Flights International is grateful for the volunteers that assist us each week. Some of the volunteers help MFI maintain and load the airplanes. Others help sort the missionary letters and process the boxes of supplies after they are delivered to our warehouse. If you are interested in becoming an MFI volunteer, please fill out the below form or just come on by during normal business hours. You may also download the Volunteer Form located at the bottom of this page and email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Airplanes require regular maintenance. And while all of the pilots at MFI are also mechanics, there is always more maintenance needed than there are hands to do it. So volunteers, some with their Airfame and Powerplant Licenses, some without, help perform routine maintenance on the airplanes. Others help service the airplanes for the next day's flight. This entails cleaning the bathroom and cabin, checking the inventory of documents, and most importantly, making sure there are plenty of Little Debbies aboard the plane.

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Mail and Cargo

An extremely labor intesive part of work at MFI is sorting mail and loading the planes with cargo. MFI is the largest single recipient of mail in St. Lucie County. Each day, volunteers sort all of the mail as it is delivered by the US Postal Service. MFI has close to 400 affiliated missions and each of those missions has its own mailbox. Each mission may also have multiple missionaries that receive mail. That is a lot of sorting.

The day (or night) before each flight, the plane has to be reconfigured based on the next day's flight. Meaning - seats and cargo nets are rearranged according to the number of outbound and inbound passengers as well as the amount of cargo. MFI staff do the reconfiguring while many dedicated volunteers help pull the correct cargo in the warehouse and then assist with the loading.

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There is a lot of "other" here at MFI. Other includes stuffing envelopes with the many letters that get sent each month. Other includes trimming trees and cleaning floors and bathrooms. Other includes minor building projects, and electrical projects, and every other little project that needs to be done to keep an operation as large as MFI's running smoothly and efficiently.

Volunteer Interest Form

Thank you for your willingness to help us in our ministry!