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Disaster Relief

Hurricane Joaquin

An example why disaster relief donations are so important for MFI.

Hurricane Joaquin blew threw the central Bahamas the first week of October 2015 as a strong Category 4. Strong winds, heavy rains, and flooding caused extensive damage on Long Island, Crooked Island, and Acklins - as well some other islands.. One report said over 85% of the homes in one settlement on Crooked Island had been destoryed.

Missionary Flights is responding to this disaster by delivering thousands of pounds of tarps, hygiene kits, and other supplies to the hardest hit areas. Over 50,000 lbs will be delivered in one week with the potential total relief reaching near 300,000 lbs.

We need your help to continue this relief effort. Please click on the Give button on the right to support this disaster relief effort. Thank you.



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