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Experience the Lord's faithfulness over the first 50 years of MFI's existence.

  • Read about the development of Missionary Flights International from the dreams of a young boy watching DC-3s flying overhead to the fulfillment of that dream of having and flying DC-3s in missionary service.
  • The airplanes that MFI has operated over the years show the slow develpment from the single engine, four passenger airplane to the twin turbine powered DC-3s capable of carrying up to 32 passengers.
  • All organizations are made up of people - learn about individuals that have contributed to MFI's ministry over the years.
  • Stories
    • Read about a premature baby so small that it had a shoebox for a crib.
    • Memories of the early days from both family members and co-workers.
    • Learn about the interesting items carried aboard MFI aircraft, including animals, vehicles, and other items.
    • Rejoice in hearing how the Lord leads and supplied the new facility in Ft. Pierce.

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Stories of God at work in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake relief effort.

This book tells the story of how God brought together incredible resources to help meet the incredible needs of the Haitian people because of the earthquake that hit on January 12, 2010. Scattered throughout this book are short stories from some of the missions that Missionary Flights International serves ... stories of lives saved, loved ones found, families reunited ... stories that will boost your faith.

Dick Snook - Joy Budensiek - Harold Martin