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Port-au-Prince Mailroom Upgrade

Affiliated missionaries living in Port-au-Prince have seen many changes to how they pick up their mail and cargo over the past few years. The mailroom has moved from the homes of missionaries, to a temporary building near the airport, to the now permanent converted shipping container located at the General Aviation Terminal. Hopefully, new upgrades will improve and streamline its operation.

For the first few decades, the MFI "mailroom" resided in the homes of missionaries. The Ragsdales hosted the mailroom first and then after that the responsibility fell to the Goldens. Soon after the earthquake in January 2010, some local woodworkers, who leased a building near the airport, built a tiny building on their property and that became the new mailroom. When their lease expired, MFI had to again find a new site for the Port-au-Prince mailroom.

Since 2012, missionaries have been picking up their mail and cargo at the first permanent mailroom MFI has ever had in Port-au-Prince. A shipping container was purchased, put on a foundation, hooked up to electricity, and painted. The container is located near the General Aviation Terminal at the Port-au-Prince airport. It has regular hours when missionaries can pick up and drop off mail and cargo.

The mailroom got another upgrade in June 2014. Jon Bardwell and Jim Carlin, MFI volunteers in Florida, built, painted, and dry fit 240 new mail slots for the mail room. These mail slots were then disassembled, flown to Haiti, transported to Baptist Haiti Mission, reassembled, transported back to the airport, and then installed in the mailroom with the help of MFI staff member Al Colson.

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Another change the missionaries will notice will be a streamlining of mail pick up. Missions used to be organized alphabetically. In an effort to make the foreign mailrooms more like the one at MFI, missions will now be organized by the Mission Unit #. So with the newly issued Mission ID Cards, all a missionary or his/her representative will have to do is present the card and Ronald will quickly be able to find their mail or cargo.

PAP Mailroom Upgrade 3 

Ronald Jean Joseph managing his newly renovated office