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Feed My Starving Children Event 2015

Starting January 2013, MFI began honoring the memory of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake by hosting an annual event with the organization, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). MFI hosts the event by providing the space, the volunteers, and the money for the food that is packed. FMSC provides the logistical support by bringing the food and staff to run the event.

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. Below are pictures representing the 2015 event held on January 10, 2015. Thanks to the 640 volunteers who helped pack 612 boxes, containing 132,192 meals. This is enough meals to provide 362 children 1 meal a day for one year. 

Set Up

The MFI hangar must be cleared out in order to accomodate all the space needed for the event. The first picture shows the training area setup for the volunteers. Here they received meal preparation training by watching a video. The next picture shows the meal preparation stations from above.

1 - Training Area Empty 2 - Prep Area Empty

Container Preparation

Before the meals can be made, the bags need to be labeled (regulatory). And before the prepared meals can be stacked in boxes, the boxes need to be made - as seen being done here by MFI's Chief Pilot, Ric Hallquist.

3 - Labeling bags 1 5 - Taping boxes

Meal Preparation

Preparing the Manna Packs for shipping includes many different steps. Each station contains what is needed to pack two bags simultaneously.

Step 1 - Scoop vitamins, soy, vegetables, and rice in the pouch.

7 - Meal Prep 1 11 - Meal Prep 5 12 - Scooping 1 16 - Holding the bag 2 17 - Holding the bag 3

Step 2 - Weigh the bag and add rice (if necessary) to bring weight to between 380g and 400g

19 - Weighing the bag 1 20 - Weighing the bag 2

Step 3 - Seal the bag

21 - Sealing the bag 1 22 - Sealing the bag 2

Step 3 - Count the bags and then pack 36 per box

23- Counting bags 1 25 - Packing the box

Last Step - All the boxes are weighed and stacked on pallets

26 - Stacking boxes 1 27 - Stacking boxes 2

Here are a few group shots of the day.

28 - Group Photo 1

29 - Group Photo 2

30 - Wide Area View