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Haitian Ministries, Luke and Pam Brochu

Creating Lasting Change by Helping Haitians Help Haitians for God's Glory

Our family has been involved in Haiti since 1998 and it has been a remarkable journey. Over the past few years, we have expanded our role as missionary leaders. The board of Haitian Ministries has established four cornerstones and we believe all our work in Haiti falls under at least one of the cornerstones.

The cornerstones are:

1. Education/Evangelism/Discipleship

HMUS Education

2. Medical

HMUS Medical

3. Work projects

HMUS Work Project

4. Charity


HMUS Charity

Our mission is to "Help Haitians help Haitians for God's Glory."  We work side by side believing wholeheartedly that the Haitian people need and want to learn to become self-sufficient rather than simply accepting gift offerings, which only last for a short while. We average 3-4 trips a year, during those visits we have Pastor Training/Conferences two times each year.  We hold regular Youth Conferences and Soccer Camps which allow the opportunity to disciple young men and women. Our Home-to-Home Medical program allows us to serve families in remote, extremely poor areas. We not only provide medical care, but spiritual and emotional care for the patient and their families. The majority of patients being served are the elderly and children.

One of our present work projects is helping a Pastor build a Church in the community of Beaujoint.

There are also times when it is necessary to help with food or health care in  desperate,unforeseen situations.

During our time in the States, we visit churches and work to prepare teams planning trips to Haiti to work along side of our team in the field.

One of the best parts of our ministry is the people we serve alongside in Haiti. These partners provide the services and care throughout the year.  Our partners include a field director, a nurse, pastors and support staff. We couldn't do it without them or our faithful partners that faithfully pray and give financially.

Together we are serving and participating in the Great Commission, making a difference in the poorest country in the world.

Luke and Pam Brochu RN

HMUS Luke and Pam

   Haitian Ministries