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Mission Aviation Fellowship

Since 1986, MAF has enabled the work and maximized the effectiveness of Christian workers and agencies in Haiti. MAF missionary families and Haitian staff members fly and maintain three aircraft, servicing over 14 airstrips from a base of operations in Port-au-Prince.



Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has been serving in Haiti since 1986.  They currently operate three aircraft. In Haiti, MAF is based at the Port-au-Prince airport.

MAF provides flights to many rural areas, including Hinche and Pignon (northwest of Hinche), Haiti.   MAF has made friends with many of the frequent flyers and are building relationships with them.


MAF flies cargo and small packages, particularly to Pignon, Hinche and LaGonave.  Those packages often contain needed money, parts, medicines, legal documents and so forth to help mission work continue.  Just like MFI,  MAF flies all kinds of things.  They’ve transported propane refrigerators, generators, photocopiers, X-ray machines, wheelchairs, chickens, mangos, seedlings, all sorts of food supplies, medicines, bicycles, and critically ill patients on stretchers.

A big chunk of MAF's flying is for mission work teams.  The work teams travel in to Port-au-Prince from various points in the US via New York, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami on American Airlines, Spirit Air, or Air France on Monday through Saturday.  The staff at MAF are often able to transport the missionaries out to rural areas on the same day.  Similarly, they pick them up and get them back to Port-au-Prince for their connecting flight home.  This multiplies the effectiveness of these mission outreaches.


Over the years, MAF has reached out to more remote village areas in Haiti by clearing land for new airstrips (above left).  This allows them to better serve the Haitian people who don't have the means to travel to the larger cities for help.  The above right photo was taken at the dedication of a new hangar at one of the larger airstrips.


The staff in Haiti would not be complete without the many Haitian nationals who assist the MAF staff with such crucial tasks as: accounting and office work, fueling, loading and cleaning the aircraft, maintenance, computer, ticketing and guarding the planes.



Aircraft maintenance is an important piece of keeping MAF's ministry going.  MFI's partnership with MAF allows parts to be shipped into Haiti quickly.  Most of the maintenance is done at their main hangar in Port au Prince, but just as with MFI, MAF pilots are also trained mechanics who must be able to repair their aircraft out in the field.


A Testimony from Michael Broyles - MAF Pilot

I am new here, but MFI has already been a lifesaver for us. When I first arrived we were in Pignon for language study.  The truck we were using broke down due to a power steering pressure line failure.  Normally that would be about a 20 minute fix, but here life is a different story.  If the part could have been found in Port au Prince, it would have been very pricey and have taken days to get.  I found the part online for less than $20 US at Advance Auto.  Now only if we had one of those nearby!

Then I had a thought!  I knew MFI was coming down the next day to Pignon, but I also knew there had been no prior order and the earliest we could get it would be the next week.  The truck was our means of getting supplies (food), how we got water, to church, pretty much everything.  Anyways, I called an MFI pilot – Kenny – and asked for a favor.  At almost 9pm in the evening, he was willing to leave his family and what he was doing, go to Advance Auto and buy the part, and then take it to another pilot’s house since he was not flying the next morning.  The following day, Ray hand-carried the part to me, and within the hour I had the truck up and running again.  On a separate occasion in Port-au-Prince, we had a similar situation with the MAF vehicle we have been driving – the radiator needed to be replaced.  MFI was the quickest solution once again.


Above: Michael & Kaydence working on the car.  Why it's easier to get parts from the US & MFI!



MFI was also a tremendous blessing, because when we first moved to Haiti, we were able to come into the country with most of our belongings.  (pictures: above left - our belongings loaded in the truck, above center - on our initial flight into Haiti, along with our “junk”, above right - in our new house).  To be able to fly to Haiti, with our stuff, and go through customs all together was just amazing.  We didn’t have anything held in customs and were able to drive everything for our new home in Port-au-Prince to the house that day.  With a two-year old, that is a huge blessing.  It really helped us to transition quickly & get our house set up without having to make several trips to pick up our belongings.


Another blessing was that Karen's parents were also able to fly down on MFI a few weeks later, and helped us get everything unpacked, as well as making our house our home.  It was wonderful to be able to spend Christmas & New Years with them here.  Karen's mom returned to Haiti the last week of January, on an MFI flight to do a missions trip to Cap-Haitien.


Since then, MFI continues to be a blessing because our family & ministry partners have been able to send us care packages, and we know that they are well-cared for by the staff at MFI.  We can trust them with important documents that must be sent out.  It’s such a relief to know that there is a Godly mission that we can depend on to help equip us & meet our needs.  We are thankful that God has allowed us to serve alongside our brothers & sisters at MFI, to reach the lost in Haiti.  They absolutely help our family to be able to live here and be able to minister to those around us.

Under His Wings,
Michael, Karen, & Kaydence Broyles


The ministry of MAF continues to reach out to more and more people in the country of Haiti and its churches.  From mission outreach teams, to cargo and supplies, to air ambulance service, MAF is in the air for the people of Haiti.


Mission Aviation Fellowship has spent over 20 years serving the Lord in Haiti.  To learn more about this ministry, friends and supporters are encouraged to write to them at the following mail and e-mail addresses, or visit the MAF website:

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Unit 2119 - MAF
3170 Airmans Drive
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946
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