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New Jerusalem Ministries - Pastor Joseph Saintil

Where there is a church, there is a hope.

Pastor Joseph Saintil, with New Jerusalem Ministries, has served the people of Cap-Haitien through his mission and church for over 30 years. He also serves MFI by being its liaison at the airport.

Pastor Joseph Saintil grew up in Northern Haiti. Through church attendance with his family and because of the ministry of Kathy and Alice at the EBAC Orphanage in Cap-Haitien, Pastor Saintil came to know Jesus Christ and grew in his faith. 

NJM - Pastor Saintil

Pastor Saintil first received his call to serve while in Bible college in 1979 and started his ministry in 1983. As soon as he could, Pastor Saintil bought some land in Cap-Haitien in order to start a church. With simple wooden posts and a roof covered with coconut leaves, he had his first church service with a total of seven attendees. Pastor Saintil’s basis for his life and ministry is, “Where there is a church, there is hope.”

Over the years, with partners from the United States, many improvements and upgrades have been made to the church including handmade wooden pews. The third story balcony and roof are not yet completed, but regular church attendance continues to run over 2,000. On a second site a few miles away, he has planted a second church that currently meets in a tent given to him by MFI.

Pastor Saintil augments his preaching and evangelism with other services to the community. A Christian elementary school operates within the church walls and serves about 300 local children.  He has dreams to have a high school, medical center, orphanage, feeding program, and a women’s business ministry.

NJM - kids in school

Along with all of his service to the community through his mission, Pastor Saintil is also a valuable component of MFI’s service in Cap-Haitien. He meets every flight, inbound and outbound. All the passengers that fly with MFI in and out of this city are greeted by Pastor Saintil. He takes care of checking them in, weighing them and their baggage, and generally making sure they get to their correct destination.

Pastor Saintil and his wife, Yanique, recently came to Florida to be married. MFI had the pleasure in assisting to make this union possible. Yanique helps lead music at his church as well as another local Cap-Haitien church. So between the two of them, a few thousand people are led in worship and served each week.

Many of you reading this participated in the Feed My Starving Children event held in MFI’s hangar in January by either giving money or coming and packing food. Those food packets regularly go down for Pastor Saintil to share with those in his community. 

Please pray for Pastor Saintil and the many other ministries that MFI supports throughout the Caribbean.