Taken in January of 2017.

New Turbine DC-3

MFI is making a profound difference with missionaries and their projects in the Caribbean. As MFI grows, so do the opportunities to serve more missions. Our most urgent opportunity is to expand the MFI fleet by adding a third turbine-powered DC-3. With this project in mind we started praying for the Lord’s provision and He has provided. The plane to the left has been purchased by MFI and arrived in Florida in May 2017. 

Thousands of missionaries and their organizations are depending on our continued service. This service translates into physical needs met and many souls coming to Christ each year. 

Please consider assisting MFI with a generous donation designated for this new turbine DC-3 to help bring this plane home. MFI strives to provide consistent and reliable service to the missionaries it serves and a third turbine DC-3 will go a long way towards making that possible for the foreseeable future.