Christmas Bags for Haiti

This past Monday we had a group of ladies from Lake Worth Christian School help us in our annual event of Christmas Bags for Haiti (CB4H). Although many would think it is way too early since Christmas is still months away, the deadline for the Christmas bags was September 30th. These bags need to arrive in Indiana by this day in order to give them enough time to be shipped. They will be placed on containers and shipped across the Atlantic to Haiti where they will then be disbursed.


Christmas Bags for Haiti originates back to 2002 when McDonalds donated a truck load of toys to a man in Haiti named Stan Curtis. Mr. Curtis met with local pastors and teachers and that is how Christmas bags for Haiti all began. Now, 15 years later, CB4H averages around 10,000 bags per year. In 2012, the year that the earthquake hit Haiti, Christmas bags for Haiti hit their all-time high of over 12,000 bags.

MFI dedicates themselves every year to continue the tradition of sending these Christmas bags that surely have an impact on these children’s lives. Every bag has the same items except for the type of toy that is included. The bags are specific for older boy, older girl, young boy, or young girl. Each bag should also include $3 to cover the shipping costs. Below is a list of items that are included in each bag.

Supplies List

· 2 pens and 2 pencils


· 1 spiral notebook, 70 count

· 1 large coloring book

· 1 box of 24 count crayons

· 1 bath size bar of soap

· 1 toothbrush

· 1 toothpaste

· 1 ziploc bag filled with gum or hard candy

· 1 new toy

· $3 for shipping