Bahamian Lunch

Who doesn't love a good international meal prepared by people from that culture. We at MFI were blessed to have some Bahamians representing the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and the Bahamas Consulate Office prepare a traditional Bahamian meal for us on Friday, Feb. 10.

20170210 Bahamian Lunch 2.JPG

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, in October of 2016, Missionary Flights flew about 125,000 lbs of donated goods to the islands of Andros, Grand Bahama, and New Providence.

As a thank you for our partnership in serving those affected by the hurricane, they brought us lunch. A "typical" Bahamian meal includes peas and rice, macaroni, cole slaw, and specially prepared meat (we had chicken and fish). Conch would be another traditional meat but it's not as readily available in the United States.

The meal was delicious and we were blessed by their generosity.