"Color of Hope" Color Blast in Haiti

MFI flew a team from Spencer, IA to Pignon, Haiti to work with Many Hands for Haiti the beginning of February. Below is an account of part of their trip by team leader, Karmen Brown.

We have been traveling to Pignon, Haiti with MFI for many years. Our team is with Hope Reformed Church.

We had our 2nd annual "Colors of Hope" Color Blast on February 4th. This has been a huge success with the young people in the area with over 200 runners participating this year. The main focus of every event is ultimately Jesus. We end the race with speakers and a meal, with each runner also receiving a Bible in their own language.

When asked if the runners would like to have another Color Blast next year - there was lots of clapping and a resounding YES!!! We are in the process of preparing for "Colors of Hope" #3 already. We could not do these events without our brothers and sisters at MFI as they help us get all the supplies to Pignon with no problems. MFI is such a blessing to our team. We love them all!!