Staff Flight - MFI Receptionist

Luina, the Receptionist here at Missionary Flights, had the opportunity to travel on one of our 3 hour flights to Cap-Haitien and back, to get a broader understanding of all the aspects of MFI operations. As a retired flight attendant, she has had plenty of experience in the air, but this experience, she exclaimed was definitely unique.

Luina had never flown on a DC-3, so the aspect of taking off and landing in a DC-3 was very different from her previous experiences. During take-off instead of taking off level as you would with a commercial airliner, the DC-3 tail-dragger makes you feel like you are taking off going up-hill, and when it lands, it lands on it’s front wheels first and then gently puts the tail down. The MFI Captain not only gave the flight briefing, but prayed over all the crew and passengers; Luina had never experienced the Captain praying prior to the flight before!

I was so impressed with how clean and orderly the plane was, and then I remembered the volunteers who work on the airplanes every week.
— MFI Receptionist - Luina

Another thing that made an impression on Luina was that at MFI using your phone to share pictures and memories from your flight is allowed! Although the DC-3 is updated regularly with modern technology it still has a vintage feel to it. She remarked that on a commercial flight you can’t open the window, but the pilots in the cockpit of the DC-3 opened a window during the flight to get a fresh breath of air! The MFI’s crew were such gracious hosts, and provided passengers with snacks and refreshments during their flight. Luina learned a lot from her experience, from seeing the real-perspective of how a poverty stricken country like Haiti looks , to understanding all the small pieces that make up the bigger picture at Missionary Flights.