MFI Intern Flight Experience - Part 1

MFI's Development Intern, Kristina Salasevicius, went on an MFI flight recently. Below is part one of what she thought of the trip.

Flight check-in was at 6am, so it was still dark outside when I reached the hangar. Colorful blue and red lights illuminate the Fort Pierce runway as men walked around, preparing to haul the DC-3 plane into the morning brisk air. I checked in my baggage and gathered with the rest of the passengers at the end of the hall of the office. The pilots for today's flight introduce themselves to the group and let us know we will be departing shortly. We boarded the plane from outside the hangar, one at a time, climbing the steps connected to the door.

Half of the plane is cargo, wrapped in lining that keeps it in place, on the other side there are 8 seats positioned side by side. Once seated, the pilot then went over safety instructions, followed by praying for a safe flight, before heading to the cockpit. It was exciting as the engines roared to life, and soon after, the wheels lifted off the ground. Most of the passengers around me didn't take too long before snuggling up with the provided blankets and dozing off to the noise of the spinning propellers. The views were sometimes limited to the soft white clouds that surrounded the plane, but once the sun rose it added beautiful red, orange, and pink hues that bounced off the white canvases.

It only took about 1 hour and 45 minutes before reaching the first stop, which was to refuel in Exuma, Bahamas. This is the part in the Bahamas that you can swim with the wild pigs, but It wasn't 25 minutes before we were re-boarded, and the plane and was off again. While flying low, you can see the beautiful islands of the Bahamas and the many yachts and sail boats nestled in between them. After about an hour and a half, the announcement came that we would be landing at the Cap-Hatien airport. I was to stay on the plane, but all the other passengers were eager to continue their trip, and thanked the pilots for the safe flight as they made there way to customs.

My experience as a passenger on an MFI flight was very pleasant, there were even drinks and snacks provided if you got hungry. The plane ride wasn’t very long flying to Haiti and the views were spectacular.
— Kristina Salasevicius.