Construction Team to Pignon, Haiti

Below is a first person narrative from Thomas Bulman who led a mission team and flew with MFI in March.

Team from SC going to serve with Word for the World Ministries

Team from SC going to serve with Word for the World Ministries

Our mission field is on the North Central Plateau Region of Haiti. Most of our team members are from South Carolina. Our mission is construction related - specifically, we build churches and schools.  My first few trips in early 2000 were with commercial airlines flying into Port-au-Prince. These trips were a hassle from day one. It was intimidating trying to get a team through the airport at Port-au-Prince and then we had the worry of how and if we were going to get the team and our tools up on to the Plateau. We would lose two days in travel each way and it was quite stressful to say the least.

Then we learned about MFI. We have flown with MFI maybe 10-12 times now and we would rather “fight than switch”.  Our flights with MFI are always a pleasure. The aircraft is a safe and comfortable ride and we are able to take tools and supplies. It has been great.  It is the most economical way for us to travel, and where else in the “flying industry” do you have good Christian pilots that pray for safe travel, your team, and your mission before the flight.  They really care about you and our missions.

We also have a great appreciation for the service MFI provides on a weekly basis for the missionary family that we go to support in Haiti. Without MFI, their travel, food supply, mail, parts and supply delivery would be quite difficult and expensive. Thank You, MFI, for being there.