2018 Flight Briefing - Volume 2

MFI takes off from the Treasure Coast International Airport in Fort Pierce, FL.

MFI takes off from the Treasure Coast International Airport in Fort Pierce, FL.


At 8:11 p.m., the earth began to shake and Beaver and Kathy Brooks with Much Ministries rushed from their dinner table and out from under the potential threat of their concrete house. Most in the quake area of Northwest Haiti did the same and slept outside, just in case. Throughout the night and following day, aftershocks could be felt. According to Associated Press and the U.N. Office, the 5.9 earthquake that struck just northwest of Port-de- Paix, Haiti, on October 8, resulted in a death toll of 18 people and those injured at 548. 

Unloading tents from the back of a truck in Haiti for Hosean International Ministries.

Unloading tents from the back of a truck in Haiti for Hosean International Ministries.

Caleb Lucien, founder of Hosean International Ministries, sent MFI a picture of tents being used to meet immediate needs. MFI purchased one-hundred family canopy tents to assist those whose homes were destroyed. According to the U.N. Office there were 2102 homes destroyed and 15,932 homes damaged. On October 20, those tents were flown to Haiti and made their way to trusted partners in the quake area. Additionally, MFI donated $10,000 to assist with medical needs. 

Bruce Robinson with Crossworld was not surprised by the lack of news coverage. While most of the buildings along the road looked fine, there was a house near him where a 300 pound concrete beam landed on the bed where someone was resting when the earthquake hit. That person was sent to the hospital. This story, along with other stories of injury and panic, filled an update sent out by Robinson. This event truly was a reminder to many of the chaos and destruction seen in the Port-au- Prince earthquake of 2010. Robinson emailed MFI requesting 40 tarps. While acquiring tents for Lucien, MFI contacted Robinson and it was determined he needed 12 family canopy tents also. 

A 300 pound concrete beam lies on a bed after the Port-de-Paix earthquake.

A 300 pound concrete beam lies on a bed after the Port-de-Paix earthquake.

Due to the generous support of MFI donors, the cost and shipping of these items was completely covered for both Lucien and Robinson. “One of the men who works with us was here last night,” stated Robinson. “His son’s foot was badly damaged in the second earthquake when he went off the side of a set of stairs. He has two pins in his foot at our mission hospital and is recovering in traction. His father showed me the receipts where he had been buying medicines and supplies for the last week and I was surprised how much it came to. He was completely out of money and besides medical costs has to provide food for himself and his son (and the family). Because you covered [the expense of] the tarps and tents, we can help him and others.

Kinsley Smith, with Agape for the Nations, shows appreciation for the work done by MFI by giving Joe Karabensh a hug! Photo Credit: Patrick Dove with TCPalm -  Click here for article

Kinsley Smith, with Agape for the Nations, shows appreciation for the work done by MFI by giving Joe Karabensh a hug! Photo Credit: Patrick Dove with TCPalm - Click here for article


On July 10, 2018, MFI was pre-scheduled to fly a group to Les Cayes, Haiti, a God-ordained moment in the middle of unrest within the country. Just days before, the people around Port-au-Prince entered into extreme rioting and unrest in response to the government increasing the price of gasoline. This unrest spread in the form of roadblocks which often make it very unsafe and difficult for Americans to travel through the country.

Kinsley Smith, with Agape for the Nations, is pictured above giving Joe Karabensh, MFI President, a hug. “God is beautiful, just how he aligns everything, we were able to use Missionary Flights International to get this team out today,” Smith said. “It truly has been just a relief … that we can step on U.S. soil today, but we do miss our friends in Haiti and I’m praying for them.”



If you have not heard by now, MFI flew its newest airplane home from South Africa in May of 2017. That airplane is still under heavy renovations and will be for the foreseeable future. A significant amount of the aluminum skin needs to be replaced. The interior needs replacing. A galley and restroom need to be fabricated. The list is long and the availability of labor is light. For the latest news and progress, click here. If you are a willing and capable mechanic, please send us an email and we will put you to work.

The latest excitement in the MFI fleet is that both of MFI’s flying airplanes have received airframe modifications increasing their gross weight. Without going into all the details, this means the airplanes rarely have to stop in the Bahamas on the way to Haiti - thus saving time and money. The MFI fleet of DC-3s are now optimized for passenger comfort and efficiency.

Mathew Bonk is in the support-raising portion of his ministry here at MFI. Mathew is working full-time as an aircraft mechanic while raising support and will be serving at MFI as a maintenance specialist. For more information: click here.

For more information on the Hospitality Park, please  click here .

For more information on the Hospitality Park, please click here.


Trench for sewage and drainage.

Trench for sewage and drainage.

August 15, 2018 marked the ground breaking of the Hospitality Park at Missionary Flights. Located just down the street from the MFI hangar at 3163 Hammond Road, the lot has been undergoing a series of changes over the last few months.

By October the lot was full of activity as trenches were dug for sewage and drainage for the property. By the end of Spring 2019 it is expected that the parking lot and road throughout the property will be paved, and the 12-RV spots will be available for occupation. Phase 1 will be complete!

Jeff & April Essinger

Jeff & April Essinger

A few months after returning stateside from the Dominican Republic, Jeff and April Essinger heard about the Hospitality Park. Conversations with Joe Karabensh, MFI’s President, led to a meeting with the MFI family and they were invited to join the ministry in Fort Pierce, FL. They believe that during their years on the field God was preparing them for this next missionary journey and partnering with MFI is their place of greater impact. They are currently raising support and ready to “stand in the gap” as the Park’s property managers. For more information, click here.

$1 Million Matching Gift! We are 82% of the way to our $1 million 2018 goal for Phase 2. We still need about $170,000 to reach that goal. A gift of any size will be doubled! You may elect to give online or over the phone. It is important that we reach this year’s goal in order to receive a $500,000 match for 2019.


MFI President, Joe Karabensh

MFI President, Joe Karabensh


It is likely that you read through this publication without paying much attention to the flow of the articles. It is also likely that you came to this page first because you are looking for the dates of the upcoming events below. However, I want you to take a moment, if you are able, to see how in the middle of the unrest in our world, the Lord has used Missionary Flights (MFI) to provide rest to those in need.

Jesus Christ promises those Jews in Matthew 11:28 that there exists an open invitation to put their faith and trust in Him, and experience heavenly rest. A stark distinction from the burden of the Mosaic Law and oversight of the Pharisees. Today, we are extended the same invitation through salvation to find rest in the Messiah.

Through the celebration of Thanksgiving, I would be remiss if I were not thankful for the Lord’s heavenly rest. As the needs and numbers of affiliated missions rise, the Lord provides more volunteers to disperse our load. As disaster strikes within staff families or within a country, our financial donors have made it possible to provide blessings. As the dirt continues to turn at the future site of the Hospitality Park, missionaries continue to share their excitement as they see I thank the Lord for each of your prayers, gifts, and interest in Missionary Flights. Each level of support is a generous blessing to all of us. And so, as the year comes to an end, I would ask that you prayerfully consider a year-end gift to MFI. Enclosed is an insert that gives you an option to either donate toward the MFI General Fund or toward the Hospitality Park. Please give as the Lord directs you and rejoice because your funds will be doubled and help MFI “Stand in the Gap” for missions.

Thank you for your part in this ministry. I, and our entire staff, wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!