Northwest Haiti Earthquake


An update from the Saturday night earthquake

Missionary Flights will continue to receive information from those on the ground throughout the northern part of Haiti concerning the effects and needs due to the impacts of the earthquake that occurred on Saturday night. The epicenter was located just a few miles north of Port de Paix off the northern shore of Haiti.

In Pignon, Haiti, this last week, MFI Pilot Ray Oostdyk Jr. and his family have been serving with Many Hands For Haiti. He shared this post to his page. Other than Ray, we have heard from a few other missionaries this morning...

Just 40 miles south of Port de Paix in the city of Gonaives, Beaver and Kathy Brooks with Much Ministries provided this update:

Last night was quite disturbing. We were having dinner with another ministry leader couple when the earth began to shake. Because of our recent focus on seismic issues we were quick to respond and get outside, out from under a concrete roof. We like most in Gonaives and north of us slept outside, just in case.

The 5.9 quake’s epicenter was a few miles north of Port de Paix off the northern shore of Haiti ( about 40 miles north of us ). We are hearing reports of loss of life and collapsing buildings to the north of us.

In Pignon, Haiti, Kristie and JeanJean with United Christians International sent this:

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are fine. Praise God for His protection!

We are back in Haiti and we've had the normal craziness with getting caught up and getting ready for the university to open. And then we were very surprised by an earthquake (Saturday) night. It was 5.9. The earth is just NOT supposed to move like that! It took a long time for my heart to stop beating fast and to be able to go to sleep. The epicenter was quite a ways a way so we definitely felt it, but there was no damage where we are. There were 2 aftershocks last night--each around 3--and then today during youth group another earthquake 5.4 hit. My youth were pretty wound up about it.

Please pray for the people in Port-de-Paix and the Northwest. We haven't heard the extent of the damage or final death toll. We are waiting to see if we can do anything to help. We have the new university students coming in to start the new school year--we open Oct. 15. We have 10 new students here from Port-de-Paix right now. They report that their families are OK, but a couple of them have had their homes destroyed!

Missionary Flights International is committed to serving the people of the area as needs arise and as we have the ability. Our greatest commitment is to those missionaries and churches that work closely with the people in these areas that are able to respond on a first hand basis. Our flights are ready to carry supplies, and we have already had a request from one mission to bring tarps. If you have a desire to give toward those affected by this earthquake, please feel free to call the office to find out about ways that you can give toward needs or feel free to make a general donation toward our efforts as we serve.