An Update Following the Port-de-Paix Earthquake

In October, Missionary Flights received report from several missionaries on the ground following the 5.9 earthquake that struck just northwest of Port-de-Paix, Haiti. According to the U.N. Office, that event resulted in a death toll of 18 people and those injured at 548. While the epicenter was on the northwest shore of the country, those in the center of the country also felt the ground shake. MFI reported the immediate response taken by affiliated missionaries in the area through the provision of tents, tarps, and assistance with medical costs.

Long-time Crossworld missionaries Bruce and Deb Robinson support Haitian-run churches and the people in this area in any way they can. It was natural for them to react in a constructive way once this disaster hit. Immediately, Robinson contacted MFI requesting 40 tarps for necessary repairs that would need to be made in the area. Missionary Flights was able to supply the tarps requested and 12 family canopy tents thanks to generous donors and the financial supply found in their disaster relief fund.

Tarps are attached to the roof of a church in Northwest Haiti following the damage from the earthquake that occurred on October 8, 2018, in Port-de-Paix, Haiti.

Tarps are attached to the roof of a church in Northwest Haiti following the damage from the earthquake that occurred on October 8, 2018, in Port-de-Paix, Haiti.

Some of the tarps that Missionary Flights sent are being used for the roof of the church at Morne Chretien in Northwest Haiti. “Thank you for the provision of tarps and tents to help us better respond to the physical needs around us following the earthquake,” said Robinson, “We are still working on how to respond to all the needs following the earthquake since we are still working on Hurricane Matthew (2016) recovery.”

Robinson reported that at the close of this year Haiti is also suffering from a regional drought. “Pasture is scarce and there are many reports of animals dying due to lack of anything to eat. We are hearing of people resorting to sugar cane tops and mango leaves to keep the animals which are their bank accounts alive. It is definitely a difficult year in Northwest Haiti,” stated Robinson. Please pray for the Robinson’s as they work with Haitians to get through this hard time and how Missionary Flights might be able to respond during this time of need.

“On the flip side,” remarked Robinson, “the last two Sundays some of us from the church have gone to a home in the community to pray with someone who wanted to accept Christ. A lay pastor from one of the poorest (by Haitian standards) areas came by to tell me about a conference they were having and how ten people had accepted Christ already.”

“I know that at MFI what you see of the ministry in Haiti is mostly cardboard,” continued Robinson, “I appreciate your servant role in which you toil, but don’t often see the spiritual fruits of the ministry. Please know that Missionary Flights is an integral part of what is happening here and the eternal results that are happening daily here in the midst of poverty, suffering, and misery.”

As the New Year begins, we at Missionary Flights are thankful for all of those who made it financially possible for us to serve the people of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas in 2018. Most importantly, the Gospel of Christ has been advanced as support was provided to affiliated missionaries throughout those areas. For more information on giving to Missionary Flights please call 772-462-2395 or click the button below.