2017 Volume 1 

2017 Volume 1 

 2017 Volume 2

2017 Volume 2

Stratton Family

In 2010, Kevin and Faydra Stratton joined MFI. Kevin is a DC-3 pilot. Kevin also works as MFI's Director of Communications and Office Manager. He helps to create and edit all of MFI's media and publications. Faydra is a free-lance writer while staying at home to care for their three boys, Kaden, Blue, and Toby.

Kevin grew up in Tampa, FL while Faydra grew up in West Palm Beach, FL. They both attended the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and met each other at the Baptist Student Union. While Kevin had felt God's call into missions earlier in life, he never really considered doing that full-time. So while initially pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at UF, he did all that he could to get away from that career by joining the Air Force. Unfortunately, that was not in God's plans for his life.

After graduating in the Fall of 2000, Kevin followed Faydra to Wilmington, NC where she was pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at UNC Wilmington. Kevin worked as an engineer there for 6 years before he and Faydra finally succumbed to the call of serving full-time as missionaries.

Soon after starting flying lessons in 2004, Kevin learned of a profession that combined his two greatest passions – serving the Lord and flying. Becoming a foreign missionary was always a career he had considered – though not very seriously since he never thought he contained skills useful for the mission field, but upon discovering missionary aviation his thinking changed.

Kevin began working on acquiring the skills needed to start him off in missionary aviation  - obtaining and using the required flight certificates and ratings along with his A & P - in August 2006 at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX.  Having always felt the call to serve overseas, he naturally concentrated his efforts on learning about the organizations that served there – such as JAARS and MAF.  After visiting those two organizations, Kevin and Faydra decided to pursue joining MAF – and that was still the plan until August of 2009.

Kevin and Faydra's youngest son, Toby, was born in May of 2009. In August, he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. That changed all of their well made plans. Fortunately, God's plans are always better. 

Through a friend and some contacts, Kevin was put in contact with Dick Snook. After a few phone calls and emails, MFI invited them down to meet with the Board in October of 2009. After 8 months of raising support, Kevin officially joined MFI August 23, 2010.

If you have chosen to donate toward the ministry of the Stratton family, thank you! Our staff have chosen to give their time and skills in the air and on the ground in order to serve the Lord. Therefore, this family relies on the financial support of others in order to continue serving with MFI.