The Hospitality Park

We met our $1 Million Match for 2018, and now there is a $500,000 Matching Grant promised for 2019!

For information on various aspects of the Park, please see the information below.

Hospitality Center

A building that includes an outside pool and hot tub, manager’s apartment, office, laundry facilities, guys’ and gals’ bunk rooms with showers and toilet facilities, game room, commercial kitchen and a Grand Room to have meals (even small banquets), Bible studies, programs, work-team orientations and post-field debriefings, and be a place to just have great fun and fellowship.


Artistic Rendition and Floor Plan for the Hospitality Center

Special Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Complete Hospitality Building ($812,500)

  • Complete Pool & Deck ($210,00)

  • Manager’s Apartment ($100,000)

  • Commercial Kitchen ($50,000)

  • Ebony Baby Grand Piano in “The Grand Room” ($10,000)

  • 16 Tables & 100 Chairs for “The Grand Room” ($8,000)

  • Sound System for “The Grand Room” ($7,500) 

Six Island Cottages

Six Charming Caribbean Island 2 Bedroom Cottages: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Cuba. Each cottage representing and decorated with each island’s unique accessories and colors. These will be made available for missionaries and their families needing rest and relaxation or ongoing medical treatments. Work teams and volunteers who wish to help out at MFI for short periods of time will also be blessed by this space.


Artistic Rendition and Floor plan for the 6 Island Cottages.

Special Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Entire Cottage with all Furnishings ($175,000)

  • Cottage Building without Furnishings ($150,000)

  • Furnishing a Specific Cottage ($25,000)

Twelve Deluxe RV Lots

This is a highly functional Deluxe RV Park to serve as a perfect solution for out-of-town volunteers as well as local Floridians who want to bring their own housing with them to volunteer the MFI family while serving as volunteers.

Each lot will be equipped with 50 Amp Electricity, Sewer, Water, Cable TV & WiFi.


Artistic Rendition and photographic example of the 12 Deluxe RV Lots

Special Sponsorship Opportunities

  • One Complete Deluxe RV Lot ($25,000)

Two and a Half Stall Garage

Nestled in the middle of the Park is a beautiful, much needed, garage to house a tractor with a loader, mower, trailer, and storage of patio furniture that is used throughout the Park. This will be the perfect place to organize and keep all maintenance tools available and ready to be used in the Park.


Artistic Rendition and Floor Plan of the Maintenance Garage

Special Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Complete Two and a Half Stall Garage ($50,000)

  • New Tractor with Loader, Mower & Trailer ($10,000)

Sign & Landscape

A lighted double-sided sign to share our pride in what we intend our park to be. Come join the Hospitality family!

When we bought the five acres, it was mostly trees. We have saved as many trees as possible, but will be planting new landscape to add to the already existent beauty.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 4.10.48 PM.png

Special Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Complete Lighted Double-Sided Sign ($6,000)

  • Park Landscaping ($5,000-$15,000)

Financial Recap

2017: There was a $500,000 Matching Grant made available for the Hospitality Park and we completed our goal.

2018: There was a $1,000,000 Matching Grant made available for the Hospitality Park and we completed our goal!

2019: There is an additional $500,000 Matching Grant promised! You can help us meet our goal!

We thank you in advance for your support in so many ways: prayers, financial, volunteering, and for just being a part of the Missionary Flights family.