Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort

We are in need of monetary donations.

We are NO LONGER soliciting donations. However, we will continue to receive donations from those organizations and churches that have been collecting on our behalf.

There are still ways to continue to serve the Bahamas!
One of the easiest ways to meet the future needs in the Bahamas is to make monetary donations toward the Disaster Relief fund at Missionary Flights. As affiliated groups and churches look to help rebuild their communities, the monetary donations that we receive will help to meet those needs.

Missionary Flights is not organizing relief groups…

We have been bringing in small work teams for affiliated missions that are actively working to rebuild on the ground in the Bahamas. For the safety of those seeking to volunteer on the ground in the Bahamas, we are stressing that a team must have a connection with a ministry or organization that is able to both feed, house, and provide transportation for the group.


Hope for the Bahamas

Fundraiser on Bonfire

We have already passed our 5 shirt minimum on Bonfire, so these shirts are set to print and will start shipping on October 4!

Donation Status Report

Last Updated September 24, 2019

311,232 pounds of donated goods has been processed by our warehouse.

214,844 pounds of donated goods has been shipped to the Bahamas.



We are NO LONGER soliciting donated items.

Unfortunately, MFI cannot direct packages to a specific family or church. We will be working with trusted individuals on the ground on each of these islands to distribute supplies where needed most. 


We have a low-level need for volunteers.

Projects around the hangar include Bahamas Relief, light construction, and general maintenance.

Volunteers MUST wear closed toed shoes.

We would prefer volunteers 12 years and older. Volunteers ages 12-17, MUST have a parent or guardian with them.

For questions or need, please call 772-462-2395



+ When will donated goods arrive in the Bahamas?

Missionary Flights (MFI) is currently flying goods into Grand Bahama and Abaco. We are cleared to bring in items duty free in Grand Bahama and Abaco. Our contacts on the ground must be available to get the supplies from the airport to distribution points, or directly to boats, in order to get supplies out to other surrounding Islands. For example, in Freeport, the Salvation Army is receiving our goods and delivering them to the community.


+ Why is Disaster Relief funding important?

There are many costs associated with transporting goods. Our DC-3 aircraft costs about $5 for every mile that we fly. It is roughly 220 miles from our Hangar in Fort Pierce, FL, to Marsh Harbour. At a bare minimum, one round trip flight of relief will cost $2,200. Multiply this times the number of flights to distribute donated goods and the numbers will add up. Your donations to our disaster relief efforts will not only pay for the cost to fly the plane, but may also be used to purchase relief items as needed or used to financially assist our trusted pastors in the Bahamas.


+ Why should you use MFI?

Honestly, we know that we are not the only ones providing relief for the people of the Bahamas. Many other strong organizations are already doing it. We applaud the U.S. Coast Guard who made rescues even during the storm. In this moment, we want you to give as you feel the Lord has directed you. We have provided hurricane relief in the Caribbean for decades including responding in recent years to Hurricane Matthew, Irma, and Maria. We have relationships with many trusted pastors on Abaco and surrounding islands and will work with them to distribute the items. We know that we are accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ to Stand in the Gap with the supplies and funding that is donated to us and for the people that we have been equipped to help.


+ Why are you not accepting water?

Over the last few days we have received a massive amount of water donations. In order to immediately meet needs, we must reduce the amount of water that is in our hangar and reserve space for other items.

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